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Enlightenment of Change

Feb 14, 2021

Do you dream of being a business owner? What business would you open and why? Do you feel like this can only be a dream and that life is what it is? What if I told you that dreams can become reality with a little passion, vision, and grit.

Joining your host Connie Whitman today is Gabriel Leal. Gabriel Leal and his story is all about passion, vision and grit. Gabriel is the host and creator of the Made From Scratch Broadcast, which is a live streaming show that airs five nights a week across multiple social media platforms. By day he is a delivery driver, a father of five beautiful children, a husband and provider.

He is also beginning a writing career and plans to launch three books within the next year. These books are fiction and one will be nonfiction. Gabriel co-hosts a separate podcast called “Mind Games” about mental health with my co-host Annie Lieb.