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Enlightenment of Change

Mar 19, 2021

Do you ever say something and immediately think, “I sounded just like my mom or dad.”  YIKES!  When this happens, and maybe it happens more than we would like, I think we all feel like we have this internal programing that we may not have chosen consciously but rather learned through stories and beliefs from our parents and ancestors.  

I’d like you to think about this programming and examine if it is preventing you from living the life you dream about.  This is pretty deep stuff, isn’t it?

Today's guest is Sophie Roumeas. Sophie is a therapist, coach in mindfulness, author, and is a facilitator for Change. She specializes in personal development, resilience and activation of psychic abilities. 

She works with people who desire to align with their higher potential; transition between the old and the new which often requires guidance and compassion.