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Enlightenment of Change

Jul 5, 2021

Connie's motivational quote for today is by – Arvo Part, “The human voice is the most perfect instrument of all”


Check Out These Highlights: How many of you dislike hearing your voice on a recording?  Do you shutter as you listen?  What if you could find the power in your voice to change how you see yourself and the world?  Sounds kind of cool, doesn’t it?

About Marshall Davis Jones: Marshall relied on words alone.   As a performance artist, he thought having the right words was enough.   But after exploring movement practices and its connection to sound, he discovered you could improve your life if you improve your voice.   MindBodySpeak is his unique approach beyond words to address the power of the voice.  He’s trained voices from law enforcement to luxury insurance agencies. He has also spoken on numerous TEDx stages.   With MindBodySpeak, he offers his voice to help you find the way back to yours. Marshall believes, the voice sends many messages immediately to our listeners and ourselves. Mastering it is a path to self-mastery.

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