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Enlightenment of Change

Mar 21, 2022

Connie's motivational quote for today is by – Benjamin Franklin, “Energy and persistence conquer all things!’”




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It’s funny, my whole life I have been told I have a positive aura and high energy level.  I have also been told I exhaust people due to that high level of energy.  Yup, two sides of the spectrum. 


Through the years hearing these types of descriptions has helped me pause and become curious as to how human connect and grow specifically through their exchange of energy.  For me, energy is contagious, so I am mindful every time I am with people, so I can use my energy to inspire and energize, not exhaust them. 


It has been a lifetime of practice and coaching as to how to use my strengths and natural gifts (my positive, and inspiring energy) to help others find their strength and light to shine in the world. 


About Kurt Bruckmann:

As an accomplished Athlete, then as a Coach for over 25+ years, my guest and friend Kurt Bruckmann has always had an innate drive to lead by example and experience. He does this while helping Athletes in developing their understanding of performance through their combined physical, mental, and energy makeup in becoming the most complete athlete he or she desires.  


Transition is part of all sports and by assisting the Athlete in “Trusting the Process,“ through the empowerment of self-understanding, inner energy flow, and aligning with the mind and body, we create the opportunity in becoming the complete Athlete desired.   “Our Mind, Body and Energy is Our Power” not just in the Athletic Culture but in Life itself. 


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