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Enlightenment of Change

Jul 8, 2022

Change is inevitable (COVID taught us that) and in business a necessity to continue to grow and build a thriving future.  For larger businesses, I feel like change can be a bit daunting and hard to change the direction of the organization's culture. 


Connie's motivational quote for today is by – Albert Einstein, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.  Think anew”. I love this quote because I feel like it embodies the essence of this podcast.  Being a change agent isn’t always easy or glamorous, but it matters and provides new ideas and outcomes for our successful future. 




About Carol Sanford:  

Carol is a best-selling, award-winning business educator, Summit Producer, podcaster, and author. She is consistently recognized as a thought leader working side by side with Fortune 500 companies like Google, DuPont, Intel, P&G, and Seventh Generation and new economy executives in designing and leading systemic business change and design. 

Through her university and in-house educational offerings, global speaking platforms, best-selling, multi-award-winning books, and developmental work, Carol works with executive leaders who see the possibility to change the nature of work by developing people and work systems that ignite motivation everywhere.


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