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Enlightenment of Change

Nov 21, 2022

Connie's motivational quote for today is by – Ayn Rand, “Money is only a tool.  It will take you wherever you wish but will not replace you as the driver.”




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Money is one of my favorite topics to discuss because we all have money issues.  We have beliefs around money from our own experiences throughout our life as well as beliefs that have been handed down by parents, teachers, family members, etc.  I believe we all desire happiness, healthy relationships, and financial freedom. 

For many, our financial blueprint is not in alignment with the success we want to create. By understanding our own energy bodies through chakra work and discovering unconscious beliefs, fears, and patterns, and by knowing our unique money archetypes my guest today uses these tools to help us shift from a disempowered to making choices to empower a positive money relationship. 


About Janet Key: 

Janet is a soulful money coach who empowers women seeking financial freedom. Janet found happiness in all areas of her life, except money. With a background in yoga and finances, she was intuitively led to take her relationship with money to a deeper level. She explored her own money mindset and discovered deep-rooted beliefs about not being enough which stemmed from her own poverty upbringing. Janet's mission: Inspire women to heal money relationships and to embody abundance by living their soul's highest potential.


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