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Enlightenment of Change

Mar 13, 2023

Connie's motivational quote for today is by – Helen Keller, “We could never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joy in the world.”  Wow, this quote had me pause and reflect on when things haven’t gone as I had planned or wished; looking back, I can clearly see the hidden messages that I needed to understand.  I feel like, at times, I can quickly stop and listen so I can create intentional change in my life, but often it’s hard even to realize there is a hidden message that we should be reflecting upon.  


I sometimes feel lost in the constant flow of information and the busyness of modern life with no way out. In the past, I have had a nagging feeling that something wasn’t quite right or felt like something was missing that I couldn’t seem to see or understand. 


Have you ever felt this way where perhaps some aspect of your life (i.e., relationship, job, finances, health) was no longer fulfilling, of course, or dissolving?  So how do we discern what’s needed to alter the situation we find ourselves in?  Hum, great question! 




About Jeanine Thompson:  

Jeanine is a Transformational Coach, Speaker, and Author whose breadth of knowledge and experience spans multiple disciplines and professional expressions, from clinical psychotherapy to global business to advancing spiritual growth. 


She shares her journey and how others can reach their full potential in her first book, 911 From Your Soul. 

As a highly successful former Fortune 50 executive, Jeanine led diverse human resource teams across the globe, delivered keynotes to large audiences, and helped navigate the way toward profitability while empowering personal and professional growth.


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