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Enlightenment of Change

Feb 17, 2020

Connie‘s motivational quote today is by ~ Albert Einstein
"Creativity is contagious. Pass it on."
As a kid, do you remember when your mom bought you the new big box of Crayola crayons? Remember how it smelt when you opened the lid and how perfect each pointed crayon looked, as they stood at attention waiting for you to choose the perfect color to draw your picture. Remember as you visualized the picture you were going to create, your next masterpiece, or choose the page in the coloring book you couldn't wait to color in.
At that moment, when you placed the crayon to the paper there were no thoughts of judgment or fear that your creation would be anything but perfect! The only thing that mattered was you and your creation. So what happened? Why did we stop coloring, drawing, and creating masterpieces that brought us such joy? Does aging mean we have to loose that feeling of creativity and blissful engagement?I certainly hope not!
Today your host, Connie Whitman, speaks with Joann Nocera and Joann believes that creativity and joy can be rediscovered. Joann is an educator, school administrator, mom, and artist. She has seen a shift where creativity and inspiration is coming from places like Pinterest and Google. She says, "We are moving closer to perfection but further from joy."
So, Joann opted to create change in her community by infusing arts into learning, and is encouraging parents by showing them how to bring arts back into the home as well.
Through decades of experience, extensive research, and her personal story, Joann's new book, Give Me Back My Crayons: 10 Keys to Unlocking the Creative Child Within, the value of trusting ourselves and reaching deep to find that creative genius living inside, while modeling for our children how to do the same.

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