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Enlightenment of Change

Jan 6, 2020

Connie‘s motivational quote today is by ~ Dan Miller
"Those times of transitions are great opportunities to look for recurring patterns in your life and make adjustments to build on the good and reduce the bad."
Sometimes – don't you wish that you could have a do-over for parts of your life where you feel like you miss fired or derailed yourself in some way? That would be awesome if we could roll back the clock and get a second chance. Well, guess what? You can create a “new beginning” at any time you choose. Lately, it seems like a lot of us are going through some sort of transition. Hopefully, transitioning into a more authentic version of ourselves. Yet, trusting the process and surrendering into it may not be so easy to do.
During the next half hour my guest, G. Brian Benson, and I are going to break this topic down, of navigating through transitions in life and how to come out the other side in a better place.
Brian will share his story and experience in finding his purpose and moving through transitions in his life. We are going to discuss his new book  "Habits for Success: Inspired Ideas to Help You Soar" which is an Amazon #1 Best-Seller.  His book also won an award – 2019 Book Excellence Winner in the Motivational Category.
Some other fun facts about Brian: he is an award-winning and #1 best-selling self-improvement and children's book author, actor, filmmaker, coach and TEDx speaker. As a 4x Ironman triathlete and cross-country bicyclist, Brian knows the value of hard work and never giving up on his dreams, a message he shares with audiences through each of his creative expressions.

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