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Enlightenment of Change

Dec 20, 2021

Connie's motivational quotes for today is by – Marc Maron, “The medium of podcasting and the personal nature of it, the relationship you build with your listeners and the relationship they have with you—they could be just sitting there, chuckling and listening…there’s nothing like that.”


Check Out These Highlights:

I have been podcasting for 9 years.  Yes, I am a dinosaur! Hosting my two shows has brought me so much joy because I get to meet so many amazing thought leaders and innovators around the world. The other thing I am grateful for with hosting my shows is that people trust me quickly because I have built that like, know, trust factor weekly by just being me!  What an amazing platform to connect and grow your community with like-minded people.

About Tony Guarnaccia: 

Tony has helped thousands of businesses survive crises and helped businesses navigate the uncertainties and emerge stronger on the other side.

As a child, Tony experienced firsthand the devastating crisis of business failure when his parents’ small business failed, and they lost everything, including their home. Its impact on his life was powerful. Having lost everything, he determined he would one day figure out how to help business owners like his parents by learning how to run a profitable business. This mission shaped his entire 20-year career returning and today, he is focused on bringing that same vision to podcast hosts and guests – to make Podcasting profitable. He believes that by growing small businesses, together we can impact not just our local communities but also our world.

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