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Enlightenment of Change

Jan 23, 2024

My motivational quote for today is by – Publilus Syrus, “You can accomplish by kindness what you cannot by force.” Through my 40 years in sales and business, I've learned that putting people first is kind and profitable. I’ve created the environment people need so they can thrive with the great side effect of improving the bottom line. 

It’s funny that throughout my sales career in the financial services industry, kindness has never been a word I would use to describe the leaders I have worked for.  Sad but true. Another word I use for kindness is respect.  And most of you know my motto for developing quality selling skills is to do so through love, care, and respect. 




About Christy Pretzinger:  

Christy has always intentionally built her business based on a culture of kindness. That approach has proven good for people — and the bottom line. 


Over time, Christy discovered her true calling: to create a workplace that nurtures personal and professional growth and helps other leaders do the same. She’s been featured on numerous podcasts. See for yourself how Christy is reinventing how businesses evaluate effective leadership, how employees can contribute to success, and how everyone can win. It all starts by building on a foundation of kindness.


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