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Enlightenment of Change

51. Anne Hayes - Millenials and Boomers- Changing Generational Bias

Oct 1, 2018


Connie‘s motivation quote today is by Gloria Steinem

“We need to remember across generations that there is as much to learn as there is to teach."

We all have labels, don’t we? Hopefully all good! At work we hear labels like Baby Boomer, Gen X, Millennials, and finally Gen Z. 2016, Millennial’s became the largest generation in the labor force. Step aside Boomers!! The reality is that the leaders in organization are still held by the Baby Boomers. This generation (I am part of this generation) is constantly heard saying things like, you know those Millennials. What does that even mean? The funny thing is, Millennial's know that when these statements are said it is not being said as a compliment.

The multi generations working side by side right now need to get along. We need to understand how we each tick or think and figure out where the common ground is to share ideas, collaborate and become more innovative. You may be wondering, "How the heck do we close this generation gap?"

Today your host Connie Whitman speaks with Anne Hayes. Anne brings a new and fresh perspective on how to connect with Millennial's in our generational pool of talent. Anne is a Millennial Master Mind Coach and Inspirational Speaker, Author/Writer, Agent of Social Change, Re-connector (to one's Divine, Limitless Power and to each other).


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