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Enlightenment of Change

Oct 14, 2019

Connie’s motivational quote today is by ~ unknown:

"The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more."

Education plus experience once guaranteed a successful career, but it's not enough today. Professional success now depends on the ability to adapt. Agility, resilience, a willingness to adjust and develop the new skills needed to get to the next level of your career. One of those skills is networking. How many of you just shuddered? Do you find the whole idea of networking to be creepy. Do you hate the thought of forcing yourself on others. What if I told you that you should get over your dislike for networking because it is so vital to your career.

Today your host, Connie Whitman, speaks with Beverly Jones. They and going to deep dive into this nerve-racking topic and help you find your way through the networking maze towards success. Beverly is an executive coach, has her MBA, JD, & PCC, and she has spent four decades helping professionals and leaders survive and thrive.

Since 2002, Beverly has built a respected executive coaching and consulting practice, Clearways Consulting, leading retreats and mentoring professionals of all ages to advance their careers, shift directions, or boost their productivity. In her new book, THINK LIKE AN ENTREPRENEUR, ACT LIKE A CEO: 50 Indispensable Tips to Help You Stay Afloat, Bounce Back, and Get Ahead at Work. Beverly shares practical ways to handle vexing workplace challenges and gives readers proven, go-to techniques for handling even the biggest career surprises, one step at a time.

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