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Enlightenment of Change

Mar 26, 2018

Connie’s fun quote is by ~ Ahsoka Tano and she says,

“This is a new day, a new beginning.”

Do you know who Ahsoka Tano is and which movie her character was introduced in?

Absoka is a character from the 2008 animated film Star Wars: The Clone Wars. She was introduced as the Padawanapprentice to Anakin 

Mar 19, 2018

Connie’s motivational quote for today is by ~ Will Rogers

Don’t wait to buy land. Buy land and wait”

Do you have enough saved for retirement? Do you know how much of a nest egg or monthly cash flow you will need when you retire?

Putting money away in various investment vehicles is a must in order to manage...

Mar 12, 2018

Connie’s motivational quote today is by, – Earl Nightingale

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.”

Dreams…everyone dreams at night. Some remember their dreams while others seem to wake up but recalling their dreams seem just out of reach....

Mar 5, 2018

Connie’s motivational quote today is by, ~ Roy T. Bennett

Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.

Have you ever felt that sometimes your life doesn’t work out the way you hoped and planned? Do you see repetitive patterns in your life over and over again? Perhaps...