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Enlightenment of Change

Feb 7, 2021

Do you have a solid and healthy relationship with your significant other? Are you able to be honest and playful with your partner? Some staggering statistics from an article published by Time in 2018 says that the divorce rate has dropped to 39% down from 40 years ago where it was over 50%. Sounds like good news, right? Reality is Millennials are living together versus getting married so the stats on breakups is harder to calculate. So what does all this mean?

Today Connie welcomes Laura Doyle to the show. Laura has a passion for helping women fix their relationships, so they feel desired, taken care of, and special no matter how hopeless it seems.  Laura was trying to save her own marriage when she stumbled on some ancient wisdom and wrote a book that accidentally started a worldwide movement of women who also wanted to fix their marriages and make them playful and passionate again.