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Enlightenment of Change

Nov 28, 2022

Connie's motivational quote for today is by – Yohance Salimu, “We shine bright so that others may shine brighter.” As I searched for the perfect quote today, I wasn’t sure what I was actually looking for.  Then I read this quote and it came together for me! I believe we all have gifts to share with the world.  Understanding or clearly seeing our own gifts may not always be easy.  You know the saying; you can’t see the forest from the trees?” When we are too close to our own stuff, life, and situation, it is sometimes hard to see things with clarity.


The other thing I liked about this quote was the idea that as we shine brighter, we illuminate the path for others.  For me, it has always been about community and serving others, and believe that together we truly can make an impact on this earth. 




About David Richards:

This is such a deep conversation that my guest David Richards and I are going to discuss it today, and we are going to talk about his new book, Love Letters To The Virgin Mary: The Resurrection Of King David.


David is a life strategist, international bestselling author, and executive coach. He’s been teaching yoga for fifteen years and served in the Marines for fifteen years. He helps people achieve the extraordinary.


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