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Enlightenment of Change

May 18, 2020

Today on “Enlightenment of Change” your host, Connie Whitman, speaks with Jeannie Hughes about her new book The Faithful Palate Diet.
Connie’s motivational quotes for today are by Victor G. Rocine “If we eat wrongly no doctor can cure us; if we eat right, no doctor is needed and  “We all want to be as healthy as possible but the sad truth is that a lot of us have issues in spite of our good intentions.”
Do you suffer from chronic disease, pain, or weight-gain? Do you take prescription drugs you wish you didn’t need?
Do you secretly fear getting older because you think your health is bound to get worse?  
What if I told you that you just might be able to get off all your prescriptions? What if, my guest today, could show you a way to use Raw Fruits and Veggies to actually boost your immunity and feed your body and help tamp down illnesses and chronic pain that may be lurking? We are going to dig right into this juicy topic – but remember – always, always talk to your own doctor before you make any changes to your medications or health protocol. So HERE WE GO! Jeannie Hughes is a renowned Utah Raw Food Chef, Nutritional Living Coach and international best-selling author. In Jeannie’s best-selling book, The Faithful Palate Diet: Discover the 7 Essential Raw Food Eating Habits that will Redesign Your Diet, Reboot your Taste Buds, and Defend your Health as you Age! isn’t just a collection of recipes, but a completely new way to guarantee your body receives the raw materials it needs to do its job of feeding, cleaning and protecting you as the years and decades come and go. 
Email Jeannie to receive her book for free – pay only S&H, and secure a FREE 45-minute Coaching call with her too:
Connie Whitman CEO, Whitman & Associates, LLC

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