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Enlightenment of Change

May 13, 2019

Connie‘s motivational quote for today's is by her guest ~ Linda Scheele

“I teach the power of your breath; movement and how mindfulness helps you change your brain to live longer and be more healthy. Reverse or slow down your aging. This is my journey."

What an awesome quote by my guest.

How many of us have tried to find a way to stop the hands of time you know – a fountain of youth? I know I have!

Everywhere we turn, looking young and fit seems to be the message and honestly the challenge. Our society and media is all about living your best life, in your best body with your best goals.

Is this a realistic desire? Are we finding the keys to this utopian existence? Or are we looking in all the wrong places?

Today your host, Connie Whitman, speaks with Linda Scheele, and they are going to discuss how to reverse the aging process and begin seeing life in a new way to enjoy it to its fullest.

Talk about a renaissance woman at age 76, after owning three businesses, Linda reinvented her self and became Certified in 4 types of Yoga including Cancer Yoga, as well as becoming a Reiki Master. Her dance card is really full with about 16 classes of yoga every week.

Linda is also a Professional Speaker on Health Wellness, Aging in Reverse and a Member of Toastmasters.

Moving ahead from private and group instruction – Last year Linda released her DVD Chair Yoga With Linda Scheele as well as her CD which was released in September, Yoga Nidra with Linda Scheele. Both are available on Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify. 76 never looked so good!






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